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Keep Your Computer Healthy for Optimum Performance

Keep your computer system healthy and perform a necessary check-up periodically. Performing preventative procedures will guarantee optimum performance for your sign business. Besides purging your system of unwanted files, running Disk Defragmenter and Scan Disk, there’s still another way to gauge your computer’s health.
One way to measure your computer’s fitness is to check for viruses. What in the world is a virus? Computer viruses are bits of code that invade your system and purposely wreak havoc.
Well, how do you catch a virus? You can pick up viruses by accessing infected files or disks. What do some viruses do to your system? Some viruses manifest themselves as nothing more annoying distractions; other viruses can make computers unbootable and destroy important data files. And that can spell disaster!
What can you do to keep your computer healthy for optimum performance? Purchase and install an antivirus program. An antivirus program rids your computer of viruses and scans incoming files before allowing them in. Since new viruses show up all the time, and since an antivirus program can only prevent those viruses it knows about, it’s important to choose a program you can update easily. So perform that check up now and continue to do so periodically. Your computer’s fitness can mean your sign business!


Why Won't My Signmaking Plotter Work?

Check the cable connections from your system to your signmaking plotter (connected?  loose?  Is it there?)
Check to make sure plotter is ONLINE
Use the cable that came with your plotter or system
It is not recommended to use a cable over 5m (Parallel)
Make sure that No Modem is on the selected port for your plotter
Make sure that correct port is selected in software
Check device manager for port conflict
Make sure the drivers are the right ones


Why Isn't My Vinyl Tracking Properly?

As simple as it seems, a major reason for poor tracking is improper alignment of sign vinyl.  Long runs will be impossible to accomplish without learning to load and align vinyl properly.  Take at least 30 minutes when receiving cutter / plotter to learn its 'personality'.  Discover the cutter's alignment marks and how to use them with different vinyl films.
Allow the sign vinyl material to fall away from the cutter in both the front and the back.
Make sure desktop cutters rest on a table no more than 700mm wide. The table should be at least 300mm from the wall
Check Down Acceleration, the speed at which the cutter comes to a halt, Up Acceleration, the speed the cutting blade moves from one letter or graphic to another, and actual Cutting Speed.  All can effect tracking. Running any plotter or cutter at an extremely high speed can cause slipping
Do not permit your cutter to pull vinyl off from a heavy 50m roll.  Since most cutters do not have an auto unroll feature, they will pull on the heavy roll of vinyl at their usual working speed. The jerking that results could have a disastrous effect on tracking.
Make certain you are using the correct sign vinyl film.  


My Scanner Isn't Working.  What Should I Do?

Make sure you turn your scanner on prior to turning on your computer.  If not, shut off computer, scanner and all other devices.   Restart system by turning scanner on first.
Check to see whether all cables are connected and secure between scanner and computer.




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